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    This is so absorbing, interesting and vivid (pretty educational too). I’ll probably read it again in the future. Great story, great punk rockers. Thank you!

    According to Stanford’s Literary Lab, World Bank reports were not always like this: they once described specific facts (“Congo’s present transport system is geared mainly to the export trade”) and what the World Bank had done to improve them.

    22 Dec 2017, 2:22pm Comment: A blue passport isn't cause for fury – unless you think British identity is quaint and odious

    You can find pre-made flash card “decks” of these most frequent words (or words themed for a subject you are more likely to talk about) for studying on the Anki app (available for all computer platforms and smartphones) that you can download instantly. Good flashcard methods implement a spaced repetition system (SRS), which Anki automates. This means that rather than go through the same list of vocabulary in the same order every time, you see words at strategically spaced intervals, just before you would forget them .

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    “Safe” seems to be Kaine’s middle name. The Spanish-speaking former missionary and onetime swing-state governor sits on both the Armed Services and Foreign Relations committees in the Senate. While the Warren-Sanders wing of the Democratic Party may object to some of his positions on trade and Wall Street regulation, Kaine rarely takes controversial stands or makes painful gaffes, thus fulfilling the Hippocratic oath for vice presidential nominees: First, do no harm.

    But Steve Mills, the GM hoping to be elevated to team president, took his gamble on Hardaway, who returns to the Knicks labeled by many as a ‘mistake’ even before playing a game under his new deal.

    Malindi heat simmered from the ground that morning as speakers spoke and messages were passed from one tent to the next. The fathers, the respective patriarchs, sat across from each other avoiding eye contact and the mothers sat with their hands on their laps, Tim’s mom, I can almost picture, sporting a massive African headwrap.

    John Keim, Washington Redskins reporter: It depends who else I have to play with them. It wouldn't be Manning, just because of his age and the fact he's coming off a down year. With a strong receiver base, Manning should be better in 2017, but for the next two seasons after that? I don't know. Not that any Eagles fans will shake when I say this, but I'm not sold yet on Wentz, at least not as far as how good he'll become. That leaves Prescott and Cousins. I love what Prescott did and the poise he played with -- he did not look like a rookie. But how will he follow up that season? He's not Robert Griffin III , but after that season, I reserve the right to wonder about a player's second year. Cousins has played with talented wideouts but hasn't had a consistent running attack, so the burden has fallen largely on him to be productive or else the offense falters. Excellent offensive minds such as Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay love Cousins and consider him a special player and would welcome him as their starting QB. It's not just because they think Cousins is a nice guy; it's because they believe in him. I'm confident knowing what Cousins will, or won't, do over the next three years. It gives him a slight edge.

    Seriously, the cluttering of #AskAlan is the single most compelling reason to go back to 140. That, and the reduction of the endless they’re/there miscues. Anyway, my advice is to swing the club in your living room, garage or anywhere else indoors that works. It’s amazing how much more you can pay attention to the finer points of your swing when there is no ball and no target. I do this all day long when I should be in my chair, typing.

    Tim What You Want To Bet These Are The SongsTim What You Want To Bet These Are The SongsTim What You Want To Bet These Are The SongsTim What You Want To Bet These Are The Songs