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    Gepopo, chief of espionage , sung by the same soprano who performed Venus, shows up with an army of spies and hangmen. Her high, wailing aria consists of "code language": tumbling, repetitive, hacked up words and phrases. Go-go comprehends the message: the people are planning an insurrection because they fear a great Macabre . The politicians go out on the balcony to try to calm the people with speeches, one after the other, but Go-go laughs at them as they are pelted by shoes , tomatoes , and other objects. He appears on the balcony and the people are enthusiastic, shouting "Our great leader! Our great leader! Go Go Go Go!" for over a minute. Their slow chant is gradually accelerated and rhythmically and intervallically transformed, drowning out the Prince's remarks (only his gestures are visible). However, Gepopo receives a dispatch (a comic process in which every spy inspects and authenticates it by pantomime ) and warns Go-go with more code language that a comet is drawing closer and a true Macabre is approaching. The politicians try to play it off as alarmism , but promptly flee the stage when a solitary figure approaches from the direction of the city gate. Go-go proclaims that he is "master in [his] own house" and calls on "legendary might, hallmark of Go-gos" for the tough times ahead. Gepopo warns the prince to call a guard (in her usual "code" style), but it is only Astradamors, who rushes to greet the prince. The two dance and sing "Huzzah! For all is now in order!" (a false ending ), ignoring the people's frantic pleas. A siren wails and a bass trumpet announces danger. Go-go is ordered to go "under the bed, quick!" Nekrotzar wordlessly rides in on the back of Piet as "all Hell follows behind." The processional takes the form of a passacaglia , with a repeating pattern in timpani and low strings (who play a parodic imitation of Movement 4 from Beethoven's 'Eroica' Symphony), a scordatura violin (playing a twisted imitation of Scott Joplin's 'The Entertainer'), bassoon, Sopranino Clarinet and piccolo marching with the procession, and slowly building material in the orchestra.

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    In 1973 Josky Kiambukuta Londa , a seasoned composer and vocalist joined the band. In 1974, Youlou Mabiala returned to TPOK Jazz. However, Sam Mangwana left and started a solo career in Cote d'Ivoire . Ndombe Opetum was recruited from Afrisa International to replace Mangwana. He came along with hornsman Empompo Loway . In 1975 Franco released yet another classic hit Bomba Bomba Mabe . [7]

    A former bank robber is released after 10 years in prison. He gets help from a social-worker, but gets harassed by an old cop from his past.

    Après les congrès de Montana (1991), d'Interlaken (1997), de Zinal (2006) et de la Gemmi (2012), le GRIMM organise à nouveau le congrès francophone de médecine de montagne, tr...

    Mr. Paley has made numerous recordings of a wide range of works, including the complete solo piano works of Balakirev (), works by Scriabin and Weber (Naxos), cello and piano sonatas by Chopin and Rachmaninoff (with cellist Alexandre Dmitriev) (Accord), the Liszt transcription of Beethoven's Septour (Musidisc), the world premier recording of Giovanni Sgambati's piano concerto with the Orchestre Philharmonique Montpellier (Actes Sud Musicales), a 1994 recording of Anton Rubinstein's Piano Concerti and with the Russian State Orchestra, a 2003 recording of the Sheila Silver piano concerto with the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra conducted by G. Rinkevičius (Naxos), a recording of works by Jean-Louis Agobet with the Pro Philharmonique Orchestre of Strasbourg (Timpani). Mr. Paley has recorded a series of CDs on the Bluthner label, including 10 pieces of Romeo and Juliet and Two Suites from Cinderella by Prokofiev, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms und Bartel, Chopin, Bach: Goldberg Variations, Bach: the Well-Tempered Clavier as well as a DVD titled "Bluthner soiree with Alexander Paley", featuring Schubert/Liszt Song Tanscriptions (live performance) from Leipzig. His last releases include both Enesco cello sonatas with cellist Alexandre Dmitriev and the complete violin sonatas of Enesco with violinist Amiram Ganz (Label Saphir), and Tchaikowsky's Grand Sonata in G major and complete Seasons (Label Aparté).

    Raymond Girardier (sax,fl) Marc Ueter (piano) Christophe Gisler (drums) Stéphane Erard (tpte, flugh), Gilbert Gubler (basse)

    Le Grand Orchestre De Paul Mauriat Le Grand Orchestre De Paul MauriatLe Grand Orchestre De Paul Mauriat Le Grand Orchestre De Paul MauriatLe Grand Orchestre De Paul Mauriat Le Grand Orchestre De Paul MauriatLe Grand Orchestre De Paul Mauriat Le Grand Orchestre De Paul Mauriat